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 How does it works?
 RSS Feed
 Refered link button advantages

How does it works?

The exchange network links offers to the webmasters an innovative system of automatic promotion to spread across platforms. The contents are served through our network with the use of: banners, RSS feeds and referred links. The webmaster can select one or more of these systems and integrate them into your web page. Through these will provide links to finally close the exchange.

When you serve on your page content through various platforms, each link shown you will earn 1 impression of yours in exchange network. If your page contains a banner capable of displaying 5 links, each visit to this you will win 5 impressions. When your link is displayed on banners of other members of the network, you lose 1 impression. Gain impressions integrating one of the methods of outreach to you to win and get views and promote your website.


Banners provide the most effective way to promote your page and gain visits. You can set your banner to serve content by category, and choose the number of links are listed according to the dimensions of this. This means maximum exchange performance.

Banner sample:

CambioLinks.comCustomize your own RSS
Promote website Promote website
Flat banner sample:

RSS Feed

Another effective way to promote your site is to switch to integrate the system Support through RSS. You can choose the exchange rate preferred modifying the number of links you want to show your custom RSS, in addition to content by category. For every link you show will earn 1 impression.


Refered link

It is also possible to participate in the network through the use of refered text links. Earn 100 impressions of your link for every click you send.

Example: button

Add us also on your web page with the button and get referrals to gain impressions.

Ejemplo: Announce your website free with advantages

  1. offers an exchange service to the webmasters also provides visits and promotion on the network.
  2. The visits of the network are a quality visits. Users who click on your ad, do so voluntarily because they are interested in your product.
  3. Being a member of the network and your website will appear in our rankings, RSS, classified directory, and if you have enough impressions, can choose to be listed in our Top 10, Top 30, Top 50.
  4. With our referrals system up to 5 levels deep, you will get 25% of the impressions of your referrals from primary level, 20%, 15%, 10% and 5% of your referrals from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level respectively.
  5. The system detects webmaster referrals through your ad or half personalized outreach (RSS, banners, refered links and button). In addition to the new recognizes spoken through cookies (higher percentage of referrals).
  6. is not just an exchange system, is also a system of promotion. The webmaster will gain visits, publicity, prestige and pageranking for belonging to our network.
  7. The webmaster can choose the exchange rate you prefer: choosing the size of the banner (placing up to 2 per page banners individual) or the number of links from your custom RSS. rates are dynamic, the system detects how many impressions on other sites can display your banner.

Integration is designed for webmasters, our links are compatible with search engines and the integration of the banners is complete (PHP, ASP or HTML). In addition configures the size and color of your banners, and choose the content displayed to conform to your website.

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